How to Fix Faded Patio Furniture

How to Fix Faded Patio Furniture

how to fix faded patio furniture

Patio furniture is often a large investment so extending its life to get the maximum amount of years out of it is the way to go.  Or if you are a bargain shopper, you can find used patio furniture and polish it up to look new using these tips.

Aluminum Patio Furniture

Most patio furniture these days is made of aluminum and pretty pricey.  If you want to save yourself a few Benjamin’s, consider trying to fix sun fading with a little-known trick – automobile wax.  Yes, you read that right!  With a little elbow grease and an old rag, you can buff your furniture into almost new condition.

Faux Wicker Patio Furniture

If you are determined to keep your faux wicker furniture, you can extend its life a few years by trimming or completely removing damaged resin strips.  SF Gate says, “Paint or squeeze non-quick-set resin epoxy in the empty space where the new strip will be woven.”  Following the pattern of the furniture, start weaving new strip from the back of the furniture and end with strip through the back of the furniture.  You can use needle nose pliers to help with the process.  Use the epoxy to glue the loose ends down.  Allow ample time to dry (follow manufacturer directions for the epoxy) and enjoy like-new furniture!

Wood Patio Furniture

If you have wood furniture, you know they look good but require regular upkeep!  If you are unable to store your furniture out of the elements during the offseason, you may have some work in front of you.  First, be sure to clean them thoroughly.  Use a high-pressure hose attachment or a power washer to remove debris and old flaking finish.  Allow furniture to dry in a closed off environment such as a shed or garage to prevent debris from sticking to it.  Once furniture is dry, determine if the piece could use some sanding before applying new finish.  If so, be sure to use a tack cloth to remove sanding dust before applying finish.

Apply a new coat of exterior finish and allow ample time to dry.  A second coat is probably a good idea especially if you know your furniture will take a beating once fall and winter approach.

Teak Patio Furniture

Oh, this one is fun.  And by “fun”, I mean labor-intensive!  Begin by mixing a solution DIY Network suggests of two parts laundry detergent, one part bleach and one part water.  Use a scrub brush and work this solution into your teak furniture.  Hose down the furniture to remove all traces of dirt.

Because teak furniture tends to gray over time, you may decide to purchase a teak-specific cleaner to remove the discoloration.  You can also use sand paper to try and sand away the discoloration.  Once you’ve restored your furniture to your desired color, consider using a teak sealer to protect from further weathering.

Cover Your Furniture

If you want to save yourself some maintenance this time next year, store furniture in a shed or garage or simply cover it!  A thick sheet of canvas or covers made specifically for outdoor furniture will keep the elements from destroying it as quickly.

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