7 Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

7 Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

7 Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

As much as I would like a never-ending Summer, Fall is fast-approaching and we should try to make the most of it. To do so, why not upgrade your home?  If Summer kept you too busy to make home improvements, you are not alone! Now that Fall is almost here, we have seven ideas for you to upgrade your home.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Who thinks of painting in the Fall? We do!  And now you can too!  Everyone knows that absolutely nothing transforms a home’s first impression as quickly, affordably and beautifully as exterior painting and it can be accomplished in only a week or two!  With Durango’s convenient climate and innovative exterior paint products that now enable homeowners to paint down to 35° F, there’s no time like the Fall to transform the exterior or your home. And if you’re expecting guests for the Holidays, the Fall is a perfect time to get those guest rooms ready and freshen up the rest of your home.  Many of today’s paints are low and no VOC, meaning they produce very little odor so you won’t have a lingering smell when the project is complete. Talk to your contractor today and you might find that they’re willing to give you a much better deal for the job because while they are as busy as ants in the summertime things really begin to slow down in the Fall and Winter months so why wait for weeks during the summer when you can have your house painted today!


Don’t think that the Spring and Summer are the only times to plant those beautiful flower and vegetable gardens.  The Fall is also a wonderful time to start one or the other or even both! Durango offers a wide and beautifully varied selection of blooming flowers, shrubs and trees that can make for instant impact in your front and back-yard areas. There are even many types of winter-blooming plants and flowers to provide you with a burst of color and fall is the perfect time to shop at your local nurseries and home improvement stores. For you vegetable gardeners, you’re probably already thinking that when the cooler weather comes so does the perfect time to plant Fall crops like carrots and cabbage and… well you get the idea!

Make that Front Door Pop!

Contrasted against the white snow, your home’s beautifully painted entrance door will really stand out. Vibrant primary colors like rich reds, deep blues and lush greens are all welcoming complements to a white winter setting. Best of all, your home’s freshly painted front door can be finished in less than an afternoon.

Front Porch Shine

It’s so easy to make your front porch or entrance way shine by replacing old door handles and locks with new shiny ones and replace or add a new brass kick plate at the bottom of the door and don’t forget to enhance your home’s porch with decorative house numbers.

Insulate the Attic

Yes! Thanks to the cool Fall weather that swelteringly hot job is now a breeze.  Few things make homeowners happier than having a comfortable cool home in the summer and a cozy warm home in the winter in which to relax and read their latest all new lower utility bill! Did you know that attic insulation may extend the life of your roof and promote good air quality by reducing the need for running your home’s HVAC units? It just keeps getting better and better.

Seal an Asphalt Driveway

If left over the winter those small cracks in your driveway can lead to expensive repairs and holes come Springtime but our cooler fall days are the best time of the year for this job. Durango’s lower temps mean that newly laid asphalt will cure quicker and the VOC odor will dissipate promptly.  When those freeze and thaw cycles have run their course this spring your Fall planning will have really paid off pay off.

Treat Your Wood Decks

Durango’s views are too good to miss from your front or rear decks and the Fall is the best time to stain your home’s decks. Staining the deck in the summer’s heat will result it in drying too quickly but now that the Fall is here so is the time to find your perfect choice of stain color and not only revitalize your deck but protect it too.  Your local paint store can offer you a choice of stains and sealers. Be ready with the grill, your favorite selection of groceries and maybe even some friendly neighbors to enjoy because this fast project will be over before you know it.

Updating your home does not require a big budget or even hired help.  With a few hundred dollars at the most and a solid weekend, you could do any of these projects. We’d be happy to help with any painting, staining, or siding projects should you need us!


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