Signs It’s Time To Repaint The Exterior of Your Home 

Signs It’s Time To Repaint The Exterior of Your Home 

If you are reading this article, chances are you may be doubting whether it is time to repaint the exterior of your home.  As painters, we often see homes where owners waited too long to call for help and ended up needing new drywall, siding or wood in addition to new paint.  If you even have the smallest doubt, call someone a free estimate.  In Durango, our homes are at higher risk because they are exposed to harsh snow and sun all winter, and then take a beating in the summer from the monsoons, wind and hot sun.  If you are not too concerned with the exterior of your home needing new paint, be sure to take a look at you’re the inside of your home as these signs hold true for interior paint as well!  Here are some telling signs that it is time to repaint your home:

Chipping, Flaking, Peeling

This list also includes alligatoring, blistering, and mud cracking.  This is essentially  boils down to paint not adhering well and allowing air bubbles in underneath.  If age is not the culprit, he surface was more than likely not prepared very well.

Spider Cracks

Humidity, temperature and air pressure changes cause your substrate and paint to expand and contract.  And because they are made of different materials, they expand and contract and different rates which can cause these spider cracks.  A painter will spend time sanding, washing, priming, repainting and protecting your home’s exterior to prevent issues like this from reoccurring in the future.

spider cracks

Water Stains

Mold and mildew stains are the bane of my existence.  Again if you live in Colorado, water exposure is inevitable.  This is why it is important to talk to professional to ensure the water is not perpetually leaking and to prevent the water from seeping through in the future.

water stains

Color Fading

This one is less obvious to some.  It does not take a trained eye though to see a color has been altered due to sun or age.  If the color looks a little “off” or less uniform with other parts of your house, you should ask a painter what can be done to extend the life of your paint moving forward.

Interior and Exterior Walls Look Dirty

If you spend a lot of time scrubbing and power washing your home’s exterior and it does not appear to be getting any cleaner, it’s more than likely the paint is past its prime.

Color Is No Longer Modern

You know who you are!  If you thought it could use an update at any point in time, it’s time!  And who knows, you may even be able to get away with just redoing trim or repainting a side that is most exposed to the sun.

Wood Rot

Wood rot or mold is a definite indicator of new paint.  If the wood is able to rot, the paint is no longer protecting that surface.  If your paint has been allowing the acceleration of wood rot, stop waiting!  If you act fast enough, instead of facing full wood repairs, you may be able to cut out rotted spots or just treat it to a good sanding and priming.

wood rot

Previous Paint Was Lead-based

Lead paint was banned in 1978 due to its incredibly detrimental health effects.  If you bought a house built around or before that time, you should call a painter to have your paint tested.  Please do not remove lead paint on your own.  Expert painters are well-educated in the “art” of removing and properly disposing of this paint.  Don’t wait with this one!  Your family’s health is at risk!

If your home has any of these signs on its exterior or interior (especially if you’re dealing with lead paint!) and you are near Durango, please give us a call to have us do an inspection and estimate.  As always, your initial meeting and estimate are free!  Call 970 903-4305.